Unveil Your Masterpiece: How My Self-Publishing Consulting and Publisher Package Services Can Help You Shine

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As the co-founder of True 2 Life Publications, an independent publishing house, and the author of the best-selling Block Party book series, I bring a robust blend of industry knowledge and personal success to my self-publishing consulting and comprehensive publisher package services. With over 22 years in the publishing industry, 18 novels under my belt, and more than one million books sold, I am well-equipped to guide you from manuscript to masterpiece.

Why Self-Publishing? Self-publishing is not just about maintaining control over the publishing process; it's about freedom, and the potential to connect directly with your readers. Leveraging my extensive experience, including significant recognition on platforms like the Miss Jones Hot 97 morning show and the Angela Yee Sirius show, as well as features in major hip hop publications like XXL, The Source, and Hip Hop Weekly, I offer insider insights to navigate this liberating yet complex landscape.

My Self-Publishing Consulting Services Drawing on decades of success, including running an independent publishing house, I provide personalized consulting tailored to your book’s needs. Here’s how I can help:

  • Expert Guidance on the Publishing Process: Benefit from my hands-on experience in managing a publishing house and understand the critical steps from securing ISBNs to effective distribution.
  • Tailored Marketing Strategies: Utilizing strategies that amplified my Block Party series into bestseller status, I will help you identify and engage your target audience with impactful marketing techniques.
  • Professional Networking Support: Tap into my network of publishing professionals, ensuring you have access to the best editors, designers, and marketing experts.

Comprehensive Publisher Package Services For authors seeking an all-encompassing solution, my publisher package services provide a turnkey approach to transforming your manuscript into a published book. This package includes:

  • Editing and Proofreading: Ensure your text is flawless with professional editing services that reflect high publishing standards.
  • Book Design and Formatting: Benefit from industry-leading design that captures attention both in digital formats and on bookstore shelves.
  • Registration and Distribution: I advise on all the essential logistics, including ISBN registration and setting up distribution to maximize your book’s reach and availability.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Leverage my experience in gaining significant media attention and developing promotional strategies that create substantial impact.

Specialized Publishing Packages for Inmates Understanding the unique challenges faced by incarcerated authors, we offer specialized publishing packages catered specifically to inmates. We recognize the hurdles—from limited access to resources to the complexities of manuscript typing and communication. Our services are designed to manage these challenges effectively:

  • Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish: We manage all aspects of publishing for inmates, from typing manuscripts to ensuring they meet professional publishing standards.
  • Tailored Logistics and Distribution: Our knowledge of the specific needs for inmates allows us to handle logistics seamlessly, ensuring books reach the intended audience.
  • Dedicated Communication Channels: We facilitate communication, making the publishing process as smooth as possible for incarcerated writers.

Why Choose Me? My track record of establishing a successful publishing house and achieving bestseller status multiple times provides a solid foundation for offering unparalleled guidance and services. My approach is not just about publishing books—it’s about building careers and helping authors achieve their dreams.

Let’s Bring Your Book to Life Embark on your publishing journey with confidence. With comprehensive consulting services and a full-service publisher package, I am here to ensure your book not only reaches the market but also captures the hearts of readers. Contact me today to discuss how we can turn your vision into reality. Let’s make your book a success story in the vibrant world of literature.