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Empower Your Publishing Journey with True 2 Life Brand Management and Consulting

The book publishing industry can feel like an impenetrable fortress, dominated by mainstream publishers with stringent guidelines and limited opportunities for aspiring writers. Many talented authors face rejection and disillusionment, while self-published authors struggle to navigate a complex landscape rife with politics and barriers to success. At True 2 Life, we've spent over two decades operating independently, competing alongside industry giants and selling over 2,000,000 books. Now, we're extending our hand and expertise to self-published authors through our Brand Management and Consulting Branch.

Your Partner in Success

As an author signed to our True 2 Life Brand Management package, you'll have access to our seasoned staff as dedicated consultants throughout your literary journey. From production to marketing and promotion, we'll be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and leveraging our industry connections to build your career.

Comprehensive Support

Our team will work closely with you from start to finish, providing suggestions and services to enhance every aspect of your project. From professional cover designs to meticulous editing and effective marketing strategies, we have in-house professionals ready to bring your vision to life and connect you with your target audience.

Streamlined Distribution

Distribution is crucial to reaching readers, and we'll handle that aspect for you. We'll connect you with distributors to make your book available at major online retailers and pitch your ebook to a vast network of libraries. With proper distribution in place, readers will have easy access to your books. 

Collaborative Marketing Approach

Together, we'll create effective marketing campaigns tailored to your book's demographic and target audience. From designing eye-catching adverts to identifying magazines and platforms frequented by your readers, we'll work as a team to maximize your book's visibility and sales potential.

Retain Your Independence

With True 2 Life, you retain full ownership of your copyright and remain an independent publisher. We offer consulting and suggestions based on our experience, but we have no financial responsibility for publication, production, or marketing. Our goal is to share 20 years of publishing knowledge and resources with you for a one-time consulting fee.

Start Your Journey Today

If you're a new author in need of guidance, consulting, publishing services, or distribution, True 2 Life is your one-stop shop. Let us hold your hand and walk you through the steps from editing to distribution, and watch as your book and your career soar to new heights.

Reach out today to jumpstart your publishing journey!