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The book publishing business is a competitive industry governed by so much red-tape, politics and guidelines that keep the mainstream publishers empowered.  The chances of aspiring writers getting their book published by the “Big 6” (Random House, Penguin Group, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster and Hachette Book Group) are slim to none.  A great percentage of those writers who have been rejected give up on their dreams of being an author.  The ones who refuse to give up are forced to self-publish with very little financial resources or knowledge of the business.  Those self published authors then realize that there are even more politics set in place, limiting them and leaving very little room for their publishing success.  It’s impossible to compete in a market that you haven’t thoroughly researched and even more impossible to compete in a market that is set up for the mainstream publishing houses to succeed and self published authors to fail. 

For over 20 years True 2 Life has been in the business operating from an independent standpoint.  As an Independent Publisher we have shared shelf space and had to compete with books published by the “Big 6.”  With very few doors open to Independents we still managed to sell over 1,000,000 books in that same arena as our competitors.  We at True 2 Life have launched our Brand Management and Consulting Branch extending our hand and reach to self published authors.  We will be using our knowledge of the publishing industry, our network of industry connections and experience as the launching pad to aid in building the careers of new authors as well as any veteran author who may need the extra push and exposure. 

As an author signed to our True 2 Life Brand Management package you will have our staff at your convenience as consultants to aid you through this literary journey.  Our staff will be available to you from the production phase through the marketing and promotion stages. We will work with you closely from start to finish of your project, offering suggestions related to cover design to editing, as well as marketing.  We have in-house professionals that will offer their paid services, providing you with professional cover designs that will make your book appealing.  We have in-house editors who will aid in bringing your best writing forward.  Our marketing team members are accessible to you to help with any questions that you may have regarding effective advertising and marketing of your project. 

Distribution is half of the battle for an author/publisher.  We at True 2 Life will handle that half of the battle.  We will walk you right into distribution, connecting you with distributors who will make your book available at the major online retailers such as Ibooks, Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.  We will connect you with Digital Distributors who will pitch your ebook to their network of over 20,000 libraries. 

With the proper distribution in place you give readers easy access to locate and download or order your books.  Distribution doesn’t guarantee book sales though.  A solid marketing strategy, advertising and promotion is what drives sales.  Our team will connect you with our graphics designer and together we will design effective adverts.  Based on the demographic and target audience of your book we will connect you with magazines and platforms where the audience of your book frequent.  True 2 Life and you, the author/publisher will work as a team in creating effective marketing ideas and marketing campaigns. 

With True 2 Life you, the author/publisher retains your copyright and will remain an independent publisher.  True 2 Life will only be consulting and offering suggestions based on our experience.  True 2 Life has no financial responsibility to the author for publication, production, manufacturing, or marketing their work.  True 2 Life does not guarantee sales of a work but promises to work with the author to aid in the production and distribution of their books.  True 2 Life is extending 20 years of publishing knowledge and experience, and sharing all of our resources for a one-time consulting fee. 

If you're a new author in need of guidance, consulting, publishing services and or publishing advice and distribution we are a one-stop shop, here at your fingertips.  Let us hold your hand and walk you through the steps from editing to distribution.  The end result; a high quality professional book connected to book sellers, retail and wholesale, print and ebook, libraries and all the major digital platforms.

Reach out today to get your book and your career jumpstarted!