For over 20 years True 2 Life has been in the business operating from an independent standpoint.  As an Independent Publisher we have shared shelf space and had to compete with books published by the “Big 6.”  With very few doors open to Independents we still managed to sell over 1,000,000 books in that same arena as our competitors.  We at True 2 Life have launched our Brand Management and Consulting Branch extending our hand and reach to self published authors.  We will be using our knowledge of the publishing industry, our network of industry connection’s and experience as the launching pad to aid in building the careers of new authors as well as any veteran author who may need the extra push and exposure. 

As an author signed to our True 2 Life Brand Management program you will have our staff at your convenience as consultants to aid you through this literary journey.  Our staff will be available to you from the production phase through the marketing and promotion stages.  

With True 2 Life, you, the author/publisher retains your copyright and will remain an independent publisher.  True 2 Life will only be the consultant in this agreement.  True 2 Life has no financial responsibility to the author for publication, production, manufacturing, or marketing of their work.  True 2 Life does not guarantee sales of a work but promises to work with the author to aid in the production and distribution of their books.  

True 2 Life is extending 20 years of publishing knowledge and experience, and sharing all of our resources for a one-time consulting fee.  You, the author/publisher will be responsible for all costs related to production.  This package we refer to as the 'Blueprint' is the same process, format and structure that we have used on our own projects and taken them to best seller status. 

Let us hold your hand and walk you through the steps from editing to distribution.  Reach out today to get your book and your career jumpstarted!