5 Reasons Why Writing a Book Series Can Make a New Author More Successful Than a Standalone Book by AL-Saadiq Banks

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Are you an aspiring author looking to make a name for yourself in the literary world? In my journey as an author, I've found that while writing a standalone book can certainly be a great achievement, there's another path that I believe has been key to my success: writing a book series. Let me share five compelling reasons why embarking on a book series journey has proven to be more advantageous for me than opting for a standalone book.

1. Built-In Readership

One of the most significant advantages of writing a book series is the built-in readership it offers. Let me take you back to the beginning of my writing career. I released the first book of my series, "Block Party," in 2002, and remarkably, it still sells like a new release today. How did I manage this? It's thanks to my commitment to keeping my series alive by releasing additional installments.

With each new release in my 9-book series, the backlist comes back to life. Readers who discover and fall in love with the first book eagerly await and purchase subsequent installments. This built-in audience has not only propelled my career but also provided me with a solid foundation of readers who remain deeply invested in my storytelling.

2. Deeper Character Development

In my series, I've had the luxury of time to develop my characters more fully. With each new book, I've peeled back additional layers, revealing more about their pasts, motivations, and growth. This depth of character development has created stronger emotional connections between readers and my characters, keeping them engaged and eager to follow their journeys throughout the series.

3. Expansive World-Building

Over the course of multiple books, I gradually expanded my fictional universe, introducing new locations, cultures, and elements. This immersive world-building not only captivates readers but also allows me to explore different facets of my created world, making it feel more alive and authentic.

4. Sustainable Income

While standalone books have their place, they often experience a surge in sales upon release, followed by a decline. In contrast, my book series has provided me with a more stable and sustainable income. As long as readers remain engaged with my series, I enjoy a steady stream of sales over time. Each new release becomes an opportunity to reignite interest in the entire series, ensuring that my backlist continues to perform strongly.

5. Building an Author Brand

A successful book series can be a powerful tool for building an author brand. When readers enjoy one series, they are more likely to seek out my other works. This recognition and loyalty have helped me, establish a reputation as a reliable and skilled author, making it easier for me to attract new readers for future projects.

In conclusion, while writing a standalone book is a commendable endeavor, I believe that new authors should consider the many advantages of embarking on a book series, just as I have with my 9-book series. The built-in readership, deeper character development, expansive world-building, sustainable income, and brand-building opportunities can catapult your career to new heights. So, if you're looking for a way to maximize your success as a new author, consider taking the plunge into the world of book series writing. Your journey awaits, and it might just lead you, like it did for me, to a literary career that has stood the test of time.