Young Gunz
Al-Saadiq Banks

Young Gunz

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Young Gunz is a gripping tale of manipulation and survival in the harsh streets of Newark, New Jersey. The story revolves around Wustafa, a seasoned criminal who uses his time in prison to strategize and plan his next moves. After serving 15 years, he decides to form a group of impressionable teenagers, molding them into ruthless killers under his command.

Wustafa's leadership skills and strategic planning make his army stronger, enabling them to obtain more money. The narrative explores the impact of Wustafa's actions on the lives of these teenagers and the city of Newark. The book spans 314 pages of intense storytelling.

Young Gunz is a chilling exploration of how the environment and circumstances can shape a person's life. It delves into the psyche of a career criminal and the impressionable teenagers he manipulates, providing a stark portrayal of life on the streets.

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