AL-Saadiq Banks, The Man and The Brand, that Art Built.
AL-Saadiq Banks, The Man and The Brand, that Art Built.
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Young Gunz
Al-Saadiq Banks

Young Gunz

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The teen years of a person's life are the most

impressionable years of their life. Most of the time what they see and or surround themselves with is what they become and Wustafa knows this which is why he chose all teen-agers to serve in his army. 40 year old Wustafa, a career criminal has been in and out of jail since the age of 11. Wustafa accepts prison as the repercussions of his mistakes. He views it as a part of the game.

Quite different from most inmates who sit

back wishing they were on the outside, Wustafa

uses his incarceration to his advantage. He passes away his time by studying, strategizing and planning his next attacks. All of

his life he's been a solo act, a one man army who has single-handedly robbed and extorted some of the richest drug dealers in the city. After sitting on ice for 15 years straight, Wustafa had more than enough time to come up with a master plan.

He's decided to give up his solo identity and sign on to a group; not

just any group though. In this group he will be the leader. Not only does he lead, he also molds this crew of innocent teen-agers into stone cold killers. Catching these teens at such a young and naive time in their lives makes his job that much easier. He's able to take control of their minds and have them obey his every command.

Wustafa understands, the stronger his leadership skills are, the

stronger his army will be and the more money they will be able to obtain. The streets of Newark, New Jersey will never be the same as long as Wustafa and his Young Gunz are running wild.

Pages: 314

Date of Publication: 2012