Outlaw Chick
Al-Saadiq Banks

Outlaw Chick

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Who wants that perfect love story anyway.....Despite growing up in the ghetto, the beautiful Shontay Baker has still managed to make the right decisions in life. With a fresh start in life and a promising new career, she's excited about her future. Her only mistake is that she fell in love with a madman.Bugsy 2 Gunz is a stone-cold killer. As grimey as he is ruthless, he will do anything for a dollar -including bringing the love of his life, Shontay, in on a caper. All seems well until the love until the cops show up at Shontay's door. What happens next, sets off a chain of events that threaten to destroy both of their lives, as Shontay learns, firsthand, what it's like to be on the other side of the law."Outlaw Chick is a fast paced thriller packed with sex, money and murder, told in the intricate details of an Al-Saadiq Banks banger. A harrowing journey of two people bound by love, determined to beat the odds, this sizzling page-turner will have you on the edge of your seat until the climatic end leaves you breathless.....

Pages: 202 

Date of Publication: 2015