Al-Saadiq Banks


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Heartless is a gripping tale about Angelica Hill, a young woman known as 'Storm' on the streets of Newark, New Jersey. She thrives on the thrill of living on the edge and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. From a young age, she mastered the art of manipulation and used her beauty to her advantage.

Despite having a wealthy lover who worships her and can provide everything she desires, Storm is drawn to the dangerous allure of the streets. Her addiction to the rush of criminal activity eventually catches up with her, leading her on a run from the law. She is willing to do anything to maintain her freedom.

Heartless is a captivating story of a young woman too engrossed in the game to see the luxurious life she could have. Join the Don of Urban Fiction, AL-Saadiq Banks, as he takes you on a journey through the streets like no other.

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