Block Party 666 Volume 2
Al-Saadiq Banks

Block Party 666 Volume 2

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Experience the thrilling drama in Block Party 666 Volume 2, where Attorney Tony Austin may have just made two of the biggest mistakes of his life and his career. One of those mistakes was crossing the lines of ethical and unethical in revenge for The Mayor. The other mistake was accepting the case that mysteriously fell into his lap. This case can either solidify his legacy or end his career - and possibly his life.

With his legendary flair, Tony rises to the challenge, ready to stake everything to secure his place in history. Meanwhile, Skelter, Black Manson’s trusted soldier, finds herself in defeat. As the cartel retaliates, the city descends into chaos, and Skelter finds herself in the midst of a bloody war that affects not just her crew, but the entire city.

Her actions have affected everyone who comes near her, even the innocent. One by one she's witnessing the Cartel take shots that count, putting many points on the board. As the city of Trenton is being burned down from war, Skelter gets the feeling that it won't be long before someone gives her up and places her in the hands of the Cartel. And because of that she now looks at everyone as the enemy the same.

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