Block Party 3
Al-Saadiq Banks

Block Party 3

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Newark’s infamous kingpin, controls the  streets from Federal Prison, using his older brother as his representative on the outside world.  His brother Dre, has assigned 2 old-time gangsters as his muscle as he attempts distribute the Block Party dope stamp not just in the city of Newark but in any city that he has a lead in.  Connecting the dots in other cities is easy.  It’s his own city that he has his work cut out for him. 

Although he has a strong force around him, they are still outnumbered by the hundreds, even thousands of young gang members who see them all as old and washed up and have no respect for them.  Three old timers trying to navigate through a city of young gang members and survive.  The contrast between the old generation and the new generation is evident.  The old timers don’t understand the younger generation nor do they understand their code or their lingo.  They find themselves in the middle of wars they can’t possibly win but their egos tell them differently.   

Paperback Edition Pages: 368

Date of Publication: 2008