About The Author - AL-Saadiq Banks

Al-Saadiq Banks is a Best Selling Author of 18 urban fiction and street lit genre titles. Al- Saadiq Banks made his entrance into the literary world in 2002. He is the co-founder of an independent publishing house of True 2 Life Productions. His first title "No Exit," was the launching pad to knocking the doors of the genre off the hinges, selling approximately 90,000 books the first year.  To date he has sold over 1,000,000 copies.  

His readership base widely respects him for penning True 2 Life, raw and uncut crime novels, which all take place in Newark, New Jersey, dating back from the 1980s to the current day.

Al-Saadiq and True 2 Life Productions is that thin line where Fiction and Fact meet, and the lines blur and cross.


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