Unlocking the Power of Libraries: A Self-Published Author's Key to Success by AL-Saadiq Banks

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As an author, the quest for readership is an ever-present pursuit. You strive to connect with those who share your passion for storytelling, and you're constantly seeking avenues to showcase your work. What if I told you that there's an untapped treasure chest of eager readers right in your backyard?  Libraries, with their extensive network of over 9,000 locations in the United States, could very well serve as the breakthrough opportunity self-published authors have been seeking.

The Library Advantage

Libraries are, without a doubt, a sanctuary for readers. They are places where book lovers converge, searching for their next literary adventure. This is exactly where self-published authors should be setting their sights.  Authors should consider public libraries as valuable partners for pitching and selling their books, as these libraries offer a vast and diverse reader base, fostering a unique opportunity to reach and engage with a broader audience.

Libraries often pay for books at full price, but offering a reasonable discount can sweeten the deal and make your work even more appealing to them.

Connecting with Your Audience

Libraries aren't just buildings filled with books; they are hubs of community engagement. Hosting book signings or readings in libraries that have adopted your work can be a game-changer. It's a win-win scenario.

For authors, library events provide an excellent platform to gain visibility. The foot traffic in libraries includes people who might not have come across your book otherwise. These events create opportunities for personal interactions, allowing you to connect with your readers on a deeper level.

For libraries, hosting author events breathes new life into their spaces. It introduces a fresh, vibrant atmosphere, drawing in a diverse crowd and reinforcing their relevance in the digital age.

Hitting the Road

A local or multi-city library tour can be the next step in your journey as a self-published author. Start in your hometown, where your network is strong, and gradually expand to nearby cities. Each stop along the way allows you to test the waters, learn the ins and outs of successful library events, and fine-tune your presentation.

This roadshow isn't just about selling books; it's about building connections. Engage with your audience, share your writing journey, and inspire budding authors. The impact you make can ripple through the community, driving interest not only in your work but also in the world of literature itself.


In the realm of book marketing, libraries are the author's prime real estate, ripe for exploration. With over 9,000 libraries scattered across the United States, the potential for exposure and sales is enormous. It's a chance for self-published authors to shine, connecting with readers in the very places they seek solace and inspiration.

So, embrace the library as your ally on your authorial journey. Work on getting your book onto their shelves, organize engaging events, and take your show on the road. The world of libraries is wide open, waiting for authors like you to make their mark and bring the magic of literature to eager readers.